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Principal's Corner

How Can You Become Engaged for Excellence

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Dear Eagle Family,

The new school year is upon us and we want all stakeholders ENGAGED FOR EXCELLENCE!

We want all members of our Eagle Family to be full participants in the education of our students; it will take ALL of us working together to ensure Stewart’s students are ready for college and ready for careers!! Yes, we are looking forward and upward!!!

How can you become ENGAGED for EXCELLENCE?

· Ensure your child attends school every day and is prepared to learn.

·  Check your student’s agenda daily.

· Check teacher blogs for assignments and updates on a regular basis (staff directory on school website).

· Check your child’s grades regularly in Parent Portal

· Enforce a set study time for at least one hour each evening.

· Schedule conferences with your child’s teachers to learn about academic needs.

· Contact our counselors to assist you with your child’s study skills, academic progress, and well-being.

· Attend parent sessions when offered.

· Join PTSA, Volunteer, and Remain in contact with the school about your child’s progress.

· Discuss progress and improvement with your child each time you receive a report from school.

Our staff is committed to engaging our students to increase their performance and prepare them for college and careers. We appreciate the feedback from our stakeholder surveys and will continue to need your engagement with us for student success. Survey results show that we have high expectations for our students and we will continue. Also, we plan to address your desire to know how students are graded through clear verbal and written communication.

Thank you for choosing Stewart!